We Love Our Office! – Agent Testimonials

Yes, we love our office and our Designate Broker, Renee Sayatovic!  Here’s some agent testimonials about why they love working at the Windermere Alderwood office.


Jim and Nicole Wright

“After working at the same small office for 16 years, we decided to grow our business. When we met with Renee at the Alderwood Windermere office we immediately found her to be welcoming and authentic. She took a lot of time to answer our questions about how to transition and offer support. Her knowledge, experience and positivity make her an incredible designated broker! Renee and her amazing staff are great and have been so supportive and helpful to us, for which we are very grateful. The overall office atmosphere is wonderful; there is encouraging support among the brokers and just a very upbeat and positive feel. We are so happy to have made the move to Windermere HKW!”



Rodney Shimogawa

“Within the first few weeks on joining Windermere Alderwood I knew this was the best career move I have ever made. Every day is an exciting day. The synergy is overwhelming in the office. I am truly impressed with the professionalism and integrity of the Windermere office. During by second week here was the annual Community Service Day. Not just writing a donation check but agents out in the community making a difference. All I had to way was Wow!! To find an office that not only cares about the agents and staff but also cares about community, I felt like I struck gold!!! This is the right place for me.”


Ebrima Wadda

“The first time I interviewed with Renee I came out sold on joining Windermere/HKW, Inc.  I found in her a mentor who is always positive and available.  The support staff makes all of my clients fee very important.  This is an office where you can grow your business and learn from a lot of very high producing, veteran as well as newer agents.  My name is Ebrima Wadda.  If you have any questions you can reach me at 206-271-7325.”



Bill Callahan

“A Title Rep asked me this morning why I liked my office so much.  I said, “It’s like marrying into the perfect family after spending most of your life in a less than completely functional home.  The difference from any office I’ve ever been a part of, starting back in the mid-’80’s, is night and day.  It is a joy to come to work.  There are knowledgeable, friendly agents that are team players to help you without a second’s hesitation . . .The Designated Broker is Fun, Fun, Fun – as sharp as a whip and so helpful.  Love it at HKW/Inc.!”



David Steward

“I worked a transaction with an agent from Windermere/HKW and found out what professionalism in real estate was supposed to be like. I was invited by this agent to talk to Renee Sayatovic, the owner and designated broker. I was immediately overwhelmed by her enthusiasm and level of dedication to her agents. The office is full of professionals that love what they do and have so much fun doing it. Now when I go to work everyone is happy, successful, proud and willing to lend a hand to whoever, whenever. In the first two months of being her, I already made or had in escrow more than I did in 18 months in my old office. This is 100% due to the high energy, professionalism, and highly successful office that Renee has built over the years. I am lucky and feel very privileged to work her.”


Scott Marques

As a fifteen year veteran in Real Estate, as well as managing one of the top Home Warranty companies here in Washington, I have been in many, many offices, and I can comfortably say very few hold a candle to Windermere/HKW, Inc.  With a strong company like Windermere backing us, strong brokerage leadership and a designated broker who not only understands the business and what it taked to succeed, Renee truly cares about each and every Broker she works with.



Jane Stratton (retired)

I love working for Windermere. Why?  Because Windermere is a privately-owned, northwest company, not some big conglomerate whose only interest is the bottom line. Windermere embodies the same values I do.  They believe in excellence. They believe in quality. They value continued education and are always striving for improvement.  Their tools, e.g. marketing pieces, technology tools help agents to succeed. They give back to their commnity.  I am really prooud to be a Windermere agent.

And I am proud to be a Windermere agent working out of the Alderwood office because of my broker.  I would never dream of working out of another real estate office. I can’t imagine a broker anywhere who would be better to work with. Why?  Renee is always positive. She always has a smile, and makes being in the office fun. She has a huge heart. She is generous with her time, her knowledge and her money.  She is never judgmental. She is supportive of everyone in our office, no matter how much or how little they produce – she makes everyone feel important.  She actively supports every one of her agents to help each of them achieve what they want.  She is never too busy to help, whether it’s real estate or personal. In a way, she is a life coach to each of her agents.


Jan Wilhelm (retired)

The reasons I not only enjoyed being a part of HKW but actually loved being a part of this company are as follow:

  1. Renee (our owner/designated broker) assumes the agents are dedicated, brilliant and take good care of their clients until the agent proves her wrong.  One company I worked with assumed the reverse and set in loads of unnecessary paperwork and management, it was much like being an employee and not an independent contractor.
  2. Renee and her staff bent over backwards, way beyond the call of duty to make everything easy for the agents.  With the “can do” attitude and staff acting pleased, even happy to help agents solve problems.
  3. As owner/designated broker, Renee always acts in our best interest and I loved the fact she cleared away anything that hindered us from doing what we do best, selling real estate and concentrating on our customers (not office politics).  That brings up the next point:
  4. Renee has the unusual and admirable attribute of treating all agents equally.  If she has favorites it never showed.  The playing field was always fair to every person.  The same can be said of the staff who she obviously treat with the same respect she treats all of the agents since her staff has been with her since the beginning of time!
  5. The cost of being with the company were locked in, no surprises.
  6. Lastly, Renee never hesitates to call the attorney and ask our questions even though she is pretty sure of the answers.  She is so fast in getting the attorney’s answer that we are never left hanging in the field.

Please know that if retirement doesn’t suit me I will be back in flash asking you to make room for me once again.  Do not hesitate to offer my name and phone 360-222-3165 for any agent wanting a recommendation.