St. Vincent de Paul Clothing Drive

Our holiday project this year was a clothing drive benefitting St. Vincent de Paul.  And in keeping with the competitive spirit of our office we broke into 3 teams to see how much we could bring in over a 3 week period starting just after Thanksgiving.


Our competition started the the delivery of 3 wardrobe boxes from St Vincent's, one for each team.  Slowly at first the donations started peaking out of the boxes but soon over whelmed them and spilled onto the floor around each box.


In the end the bags of clothing overwhelmed the area, leaving a bit of an obstacle course to jog through in the sitting area. 

As part of our last office meeting in December, we tallied up the accumulation of clothing by filling, dumping out into a pile of the other end of the sitting area and refilling the boxes.


We ended up with over 26 full boxes of clothing that was picked up a few days later by a large truck from St. Vincent de Paul's.  Later were given a lovely plaque acknowledging our efforts.


                 Oh, and P.S. Team 3 won!