Why Hire an M2 Broker?

Above and beyond!

Before I even signed a contract with her she checked out the property, the HOA and competing properties. I am POA for a relative and getting this property ready for sale was a bit overwhelming, especially since I live on the other side of the country. She made the process easier for me by contacting the right workers and scheduling most of the work that needed to be done before it went on the market. When I voiced my opinion, she listened. We worked very well together! She is very organized and informative. She anticipated problems and tried to stay ahead of them. We agreed on a listing price after looking over multiple comps together and I accepted an offer just over list the first day on the market. Overall, I couldn't have been more pleased!

Very professional, a master of the position...

Exceptional in knowledge, communication, and process. Translating each turn of the process before, during, and in completion of each step. Offering multiple perspectives. Answering questions immediately and completely. Tending to the process and communicating.


She went above and beyond. She got us in immediately for showings and when we fell in love with our house she did EVERYTHING in her power to get an offer in and ensured it went through. We closed 5 days early thanks to her awesome recommendations.

Responsive. Prompt. Reliable. Knowledgable.

Connected us with the mortgage broker that eventually provided the financing. Broker was able to accommodate our unique situation where the major banks did not express much interest.

Repeat client, Completely satisfied

He called us during some trying times and calmed us by describing what was going on.

Completely satisfied.

Hard working, diligent and personable. They were wonderful!

Top notch and attentive!

Our broker exceeded every expectation possible!